Social Media In The Workplace Case Study

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ITC 596 IT Risk Management ASSIGNMENT - 1

Name : Maneesha Kolli Student id : 11588525


Social media has four characteristics which are need to be understood when considering its impact on the organizations . They are
▪The reach
▪Permanence paradox .
Social media has the ability to reach a vast number of people instantaneously and quickly . It is cheap and unlike traditional media production . it does not require specialized skills from users . In addition social media can be adapted and enhanced by the user comments ,
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Blogs , YouTube, Google Documents , and online communities support in research and home creative thinking and can actually increase employee productivity and efficiency. employers should state clear the company’s policy on social networking. Not only that , employers should ensure that employees fully understand the policy’s purposes as well as the punishment for breaking the rules. “there are many benefits to social media that companies cannot ignore such as customer relationships, collaboration and market for market research .For business to business providers, employees and executives are the customer making social media interaction a necessity.” employees should use their time at office to serve the companies best interests and that employees are not paid to check and update status profiles , a lot of companies tried to block access of employees to Facebook , Twitter , and other social networking sites . “Using social networking sites may divert employees attention away from more pressing priorities , so it is understandable that some companies limit access
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