Social Media Has Turned from a Good Thing to an Addiction

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Social Media
How many times do you use social media in a day? For lots of people, social media is an important part of their life and it is hard for them to live without the internet. Social media is corrupting our society from social activities to the evolution of our language. From teens to adults social media has changed the way we communicate with others. Texting is the most popular form of communication for teens and young adults.

Social media activities have changed from communicating with family to useless things that no one really cares about. Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook created the site to help others communicate with other important people in their lives ( He wanted family members to be able to communicate with each other no matter the location. Since then our generation has turned Facebook into a social fest. “What are you doing this weekend.” “Just feeding my cats lol #theyhungry” This is known as oversharing. People believe that everyone want to know everything that is happening in their boring and simple lives. You can see how what was a way to share photos and talk with family has turned into a bunch of nonsense about their life that they feel everyone needs to know. This is the same for other social media sites as well.

Face to Face communication used to be the most popular form of communication between people. Now it has turned to virtual chatting such as Skype and FaceTime. People say that they do not have time for meeting someone to talk so they just use the things that are at their fingertips via the internet. Teens that used to hang out outside of school have now turned to these sites to talk and hang out “virtually.”

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...g our society and has greater effect on teens. Parents should be aware of what social media sites their child is using and how much they are on them. Social media has turned from a good thing to a thing that many are addicted to.

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