Social Media Good Or Bad Essay

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All of the information used in this essay is from the article "Social Media" on Wikipedia other outside sources,, and How many times have you heard follow me on Twitter! Or add me on Facebook! Although social media is a great tool in promoting businesses and build on relationships, it can also have very negative effects on us mentally. Social media can cause us to lose our sense of concentration. It can also create false presumptions of what happiness is based on a fake reality. This paper will focus on the many effects of social media both good and bad. Also it will be discussing the mental distress social media can have on someone 's brain, (More negative stuff)…show more content…
Furthermore, the article states that upon further research , it is a known fact that participants use social media to fulfill perceived social needs, but are typically disappointed in the outcome. Lonely individuals are drawn to the Internet for emotional support. This causes problems as it interferes with “real life socializing” by reducing face-to-face relationships", which is confirmed by Mubarack and issued on This website was also discussed in detail the negative affects social media can have on ones health and inability to concentrate in school. Social media sites tends to bring people together and linked on the other hand it produces social isolation in what the news has come up with. Teens or young adults conduce to spend their time on these sites; they hardly have any face to face communication. As reported by different studies and scientists, an assessment stated that social isolation has the tendency of leading to mental problems, emotional, physical and psychological problems which include depression, anxiety and carnal objections among a lot of people. Other negative effects of social media are it promotes poor grammar, spelling and construction of English, Also leaving room for exposure of underage kids to online predators, allowing the spread of misdirected information that is recognized as fact. Reducing the efficiency of people who are meant to be working other doing other important things…show more content…
"Social media fosters communication. An Internet research company, PewResearch Center, claims that “more than half of internet users (52%) use two or more of the social media sites measured (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) to communicate with their family or friends"(Wiki). Although there a lot of hyperlinks in the article, they add to the article and to each other by discussing different ways social media can be used and the effect it can have on us psychologically. The sources referenced are all Wikipedia articles and these references all include important information with explanations of what each hyperlink is. The hyperlinks did a better job than the actual articles themselves on expanding and going into further detail of the different utilizations of social media. Overall, the hyperlinks don’t distract from the reading because, they all discuss the same aspect, simply in different ways. Therefore, while reading this article you don 't get lost in the many hyperlinks being displayed because they conglomerate and add depth and dimension to the
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