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ocial media is a concept people communicate and also share information online via different platforms (Aaker Smith & Adler, 2010). It is the form of communication that is most popular in all parts of the world due to increase in computer and Internet technologies. The examples of social media are, Facebook, twitters, Skype and many more. The countless social platforms make it easier and possible to form a broad connection between people of different age, race and ethnicity (Aaker Smith & Adler, 2010). Due to increased number of users of social media, a big question has been raised to whether social media impacts a positive and negative impact to its users. Social media sites popularity have increased tremendously because they free and easy to sign in; and thus social media bring a lot of benefits to our society (Noor & Hendricks, 2012). The benefits include;
Increasing the productivity of people, expansion of social circles and enabling exchange of idea on social media platforms.
Secondly social media enable people to communicate with friends from all over the world whom we are separated by geographical barriers and distances. Although the communication is not face-to-face we feel we are inch closer (Lovett, 2011).
Social media also provide platform where people can share thoughts and ideas. Individuals are able to share business ideas, political ideas and social ideas at a click of a button (Lovett, 2011). Through social media individuals able to find job sites, empower social change in communities; advertise businesses, product and more among others.
The benefits of social media are undoubted. However, social media also comes with some negative impacts (Aaker Smith & Adler, 2010). The benefits brought by social media ar...

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...act and communicate has been greatly influenced by social media but it is unfortunately that it has not improve our interaction and communication skill instead it has made it worst (Noor & Hendricks, 2012). To make our future better depends on we individual usage of social media

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