Social Media Crisis

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Seventy-Three Percent of the world depends on social media on and off the job (Richardson). Some Government, Universities, and Employers are now turning over to social networking sites to get to know their citizens, students, and employees. When being asked to turn over their usernames and passwords, officials are protecting proprietary information and preventing others from being exposed to legal liabilities, but others consider it an invasion of privacy. In today's society, government, universities, and employers should be allowed to grant access to social networking sites because there are many things one can do outside of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Emails.
Communication of the United States population is relied on the web. Not only business, but discoveries, sharing news, and engaging with friends and family are also shared through social media. Government officials should take part in other's social media sites. This is a great opportunity of exploring the affects government investigations and criminal prosecution. Among all other things, this would benefit the government because it gives a candid answer when terrorism and criminal offenses are present. In addition, social media provides available evidence and makes government jobs easier to ratify against convicts. In Kentucky, a defendant, was jailed after he posted a photo of himself siphoning gas from a police car onto Facebook. (Murphey) "People don't think authorities are going to go that far, but little do they know, they are going this far"(Seltzer) Unlike Seltzer's words, with the help of social media, the government would not have as nearly solved crimes. The government assessing social media would consider helping the world by protecting and ...

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...oyees, and most importantly customers and patients at risk. The same process government and presidential security aid, in order to recruit variety professions for individuals, should be demanded by employers, as well. If employers consider the best for their corporation, industry, and enterprise, employers will expect excellence from the appointed enlisted people. Just as the Commander in Chief has an impact on protecting the President of the United States and the country, employers need to endure on considering to having the same outlook.
Government, universities, and employers should be one's duty to access social networking sites. Though a large population of the country does not agree with the access of social media, some feel as if its invasion of privacy and the First Amendment states the right to speak, on the other hand, it would be assistance to the world.
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