Social Media Causes Social Change in Businesses

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• Social media describes online technologies and practices that people use to share opinions, insights, experiences, and perspectives with each other.

 Why does the social web matter to the contact center?

 Your customers are talking about their experiences and opinions of you—to other customers and prospects. Social media sites like Face-book and Twitter have drawn a critical mass of consumers. Their comments about your products and services are easily shared and visible to more and more people which can carry a lot of influence. In short, the social web empowers everyone to be an author. Social media has emerged as a prominent platform in the Web revolution and has a direct impact on how companies engage with their customers.
• Company knows the value of communicating with customers through the channel of their choice. Social web provides a new set of channels through which customers present feedback, concerns, and issues.

• Contact centers have a long history of adapting to new channels: 800 numbers, fax, email, web, web self-service, and chat. Social media is the newest channel in the mix, and it comes with its own set of unique characteristics. Below are some common qualities that apply to most social media sites. Understand that each site is different, starting with who publishes it and their unique terms of agreement, copyrights, and operating protocols.
 Used correctly and consistently, social media sites may offer a low-cost way to deliver ••service and to gather important data on market trends, product feedback, brand perception, and customers.
 Contact centers can find and engage super users in ord...

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...going commitment from the project manager, and it is important to maintain variety in content and approaches. It can also be difficult to generate real debate and dialogue via social media.

 While all online activity can be monitored, measured and recorded for its reach, engagement and online impact, it is difficult to measure offline impact and to know what online activity might have inspired more widely in terms of longer-term social change.

• Social sites are today’s market demand where customers are encouraged to share their thoughts and give necessary feedback. Advertising and publishing a secure web or BlogSpot would encourage more participation and transparent feedback for the company product. Hence creating such media would help an industry to create their own niche by understanding customer’s transparent feedback on such social media.
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