Social Media Causes Dystopia

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Social media has a major grasp on society today. Everyone who is anyone posts daily about their life and activities they did that day. Celebrities to people known on a small town social level. There are very few people who don't do it. Therefore it would be easy to control what the majority of the population sees. As a result social media could be used to establish a dystopia because so many use it; people post personal information that anyone can see and they are easily influenced. People find that using social media is enjoyable, even pleasurable. Students at Harvard looked in to this claim: "Through a series of experiments, the researchers at Harvard University learned through the study that the act of disclosing information about oneself activates the same part of the brain that is associated with the sensation of pleasure, the same pleasure that we get from eating food, getting money or even having sex"(site2). In other words many find it pleasurable to post things about themselves and discover new things about those they know or admire, to a point where using social media each day becomes an addiction. The majority of the social media audience is teens or children from ages 7 to 21. Older people also post status, however not as frequent as the younger generation. Frequent use of social media can lead to depression, antisocial behavior(ironically), romantic issues and even death(site3). Sounds a lot like symptoms received by taking medication, and for good reason. When someone posts something personal about themselves, anyone can now access that information. The government, bullies, Steve the shady guy down the street; anyone with a device and that app or social media can access that information. That is ... ... middle of paper ... ... People will not seis to communicate; they will instead strive to find new and easier ways to. Thus prolonging the use of social media instead of slowing it's progress. In conclusion social media can be used to create a dystopia. This is due to a massive amount of people who post. People are easily influenced and they post personal information. All of these attributes combined creates a easily controlled society. One does not need to be overly intelligent to control the society. If the massive use of social media continues, a dystopia is a definite possibility. Works Cited
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