Social Media Case Study

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1. The explosion of social networking sites
1. Personal
2. Professional
2. The increase of youthful users
3. Parental education
1. What is current and emerging social networking sites are attracting our youth
2. Understanding the commonalities of social networking sites
3. Learn how to protect your child in a virtual community
1. Social networking sites your child may be using
1. Current popular sites
a) Facebook
(1) The largest site in the world
(2) Over a billion registered users (GCFLearnFree, 2015)
(3) Provides users a digital conduit with which connections and sharing occur with family, friends, organizations or companies (Milanovic, 2015)
(a) Website
(b) Smart device applications
(4) The site
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Users have the ability to create individualized profiles
a) The individualized profiles can be shared publicly or kept private (GCFLearnFree, 2015)
b) The contents of a profile can include
(1) Photos
(2) Rudimentary information
(a) Name
(b) Orientation
(c) Age
(d) Physical location
(e) Status
(f) Favorite lists
3. Account and profile settings
a) Settings found on most sites will allow the manipulation of
(1) Name
(2) Email address
(3) Security
(4) Privacy
(5) Payment
(6) Notification
(a) Email
(b) Smart device application
(7) Friend finding and inviting
(8) Review history
(9) Third-party app settings
4. “Friending”
a) The simple process of requesting another member of the same social network site to be your friend (Friending, 2007)
(1) This is synonymous with Facebook
(2) Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and Vine use the following technique
(3) Google+ uses interest circles
(4) Tinder uses Facebook friending process
5. All the current sites allow the posting of more then just text messages (Roos, 2007)
a) Other types of messages
(1) Photo messages
(2) Links to third party sites
(3) Videos that are short or long
(4) Animated GIFs
b) Uploading images and posting links
(1) Most sites and apps will require you to be logged into your registered
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