Social Media As A Negative Effects On Today's Society

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Social media has swept today 's society by becoming one of the most addictive, daily uses for all its users. Websites such as, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, are examples of social media, which allow their users to create and share content on that certain site or app. While social media’s popularity continues to flourish all around the world, it became a necessity in many peoples’ lives. However, along with everything good that is placed on this Earth, there are consequences. The consequences of social media include cyber bullying, major dangers of the network such as criminal activities, and the distractions it has imposed on students who use them. Even though social media functions to keep distant friends connected and provides space for users to express their thoughts and feelings, social media has made its way to becoming a negative impact in today 's society. With every new “good” invention, many hold a negative side. As for social media, it holds a great amount of dangers such as criminal activities. A source, named Alexandra Topping, wrote,…show more content…
“Students who use social media had an average GPA of 3.06 while non-users had an average GPA of 3.82 and students who used social networking sites while studying scored 20% lower on tests,” stated by Paul A. Kirschner and Aryn C. Karpinski. Studies have shown students who are really attached to social media suffers from lower grades. Not only has scientists, who are experts in the field, has seen this connection, but, two-thirds of teachers agree that social media works as a distraction. Since social media sites are fundamentally built on entertainment, it will automatically entice people to waste their time. If all students are suffering from the social media bug, ranging from grade school to college students, there will be a dramatic decrease in their grades. Now giving today’s education system another battle to
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