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In past history, print media, such as newspapers, flyers, and brochures, were considered the only form of media for Back in the day , print was the only form of media for the longest. Then , radio and television emerged and people were exposed to way more culture including , sex , violence and the idolization of celebrities. As technology advanced, the internet was born and information was being spread at a more rapid rate to more people. The internet influences the growth and spread of media, and eventually gave the power of media transfer to the people, now publishers and stations are no longer in control of the media and its information. Though the information may be started by a journalist, government official, or news associate, people can access the information, add his or her input, and spread his or her view on the topic to others(Heilser 2013). Today, social media The culture elements relevant to millennials are the use of social media .Social media that is most commonly used today are twitter, instagram , snapchat , and facebook. These are usually how millennials retrieve information and news and frequently ass their opinion and share it to the social media world.This new information affects the entire country and the world. It can influence / change people 's opinions in either a good or bad way There are often times when on social media something becomes a trending topic .When this happens , people usually hashtag the topic (ex: #blacklivesmatter) which makes it easier for people to access or follow the movement.Also, on twitter people retweet news to spread awareness.When something is retweeted more people have access to the following because it is being shared on multiple pages.Geotags are used on snapchat as...

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...customers sign up for Apple’s free 3-month music service trial because they have worked immensely writing and producing music.She felt that three months was a long time to go unpaid and that it is unfair for anyone to ask anyone to work for nothing. She even stated “We don’t ask you for free iPhones. Please don’t ask us to provide you with our music for no compensation” (Swift 2015).Her letter received 108,715 notes (interactions) on tumblr which included likes, reblogging ,etc. Not only that , Apple changed their policy and began to pay artists for their music even during the free, three-month trials for its customers. Swift could have called or emailed Apple herself to express her opinion but the fact that she chose to write an open letter on social media for the whole world to see , show the effect and power social media has in altering minds, and even policies.

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