Social Media And Its Effect On Society

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It’s a crazy idea that through the internet we have the possibilities to meet strangers and even befriend strangers. Strangers that we most likely would have never even met outside of the digital world. Through social media, a relationship is formed between strangers to strangers. Consequently, Social media has made it easier for users to communicate with each other, and even have romances and communities to flourish and strengthen.Although text messaging and other forms of digital platforms have had an involvement in these relationships, they all seem to start with social media. The bonds made can start with one picture or a even Reddit forum. But in the end, online relationships that initiate as weak ties are later turned into strong ties. It’s becoming very common that your weak ties turn into your significant others through social media, and I feel like more people are going to social media for dating purposes than before. As someone who grew up at the early ages of social media, it’s interesting how at first it was catered more to connecting with friends you already had. Or, it could be that I was twelve and using Myspace to only talk to my friends from school rather than being a twenty year old looking for a relationship. But there is more social media websites and apps specifically designed for dating than there was before. As comedian Aziz Ansari, mentions in his book “Modern Romance”,“Today if you own a smartphone, you are carrying a 24-7 single bar in your pocket”. It’s true that your smartphone becomes a single bar, and it can even become a filtered single bar.There has been many dating apps and websites catered to very specific groups of people. These niches online dating apps and websites include: ... ... middle of paper ... knows when it was invented. It’s easy to attack social media, and the whole digital world in general. I know because when I was writing this paper I was caught contradicting myself, it would have been so much more easier for me to write about something that was easy to attack.But being born into a generation where social media has become part of the way you communicate with each other changes your point of view. It could be very possible that less people are talking to each other face to face, but everybody I know does not seem to have a problem being glued to a phone. If anybody is truly terrified about how we’re communicating then I can’t wait for their reaction to when we can send hologram messages to each other. We are now in the year of instagramming our acai bowls, and whether you like it or not it seems like it is the direction that we are heading towards.
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