Social Media And Bullying Essay

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Being harassed can have major outcomes to a person that many people may not even be aware of here on campus. Bullying and harassment at schools and social media can have the same impact to one person. Harassment comes in many different levels, but one that most people do not pay attention to is through social media. Today, social media has shaped many lives in the wrong perspective. Teenagers want to believe that social media is more important than life itself for example, wanting to change for what other people say is perfect. People do not realize the real harm it can do to a person. Reading a story about a young girl named Amanda Todd shows what great of an impact it can do to one person. Mostly every teenager at high school is associated…show more content…
Most teachers around campus will witness bullying around campus or listen to conversations about things happening at school and will not do a single thing. Many teachers want to believe that students go through that phase and that is how teenagers get along with each other. What is actually happening at schools is that it is an act of being bullied or harassed. Even though there might be police officers around campus schools should be just as involved as police officers. There is not really a law about cyber bullying or bullying, there has to be a change around schools for this to stop. One thing that schools should start doing when witnessing someone being bullied is to encourage the student to see a counselor and deal with the bullies or harassers. Monitoring the internet would be another thing that teachers and staff should be allowed to do. Many will argue that it will invade students privacy, but in reality it will help to see who are being harassers and who is causing problems with hurting people who are weaker than others. Many who are victimized do not have parents support all the time and school is the only hope for people who go through being harassed or bullied every single day at school and on top of that through social media after school. Organizing events on school campuses that will implement ideas such as stopping cyber bullying or harassment will help students who are being bullied that no one is alone in this and that there are more people who go through the same thing as other people. By doing this is will create a connection with these students and second guess the actions about hurting

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