Social Media And A Social Network

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Social media networks are communities of people who typically share a common behaviour, idea, interest or activity. A social network indicates a graph of relationships (social familiarities) within a group of individuals (people, organisations). Social networking sites have increased in the last decade. The most popular social networks include Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn. They facilitate communication by providing a variety of ways for users to interact with each other like e-mail or instant message. Social networks provide a medium for people to interact with others who are influential and make recommendations about products and services. These sites can improve lots of business activities, including: word-of-mouth marketing, market research, general marketing, idea generation and new product development, co-innovation, customer service, public relations, employee communications and reputation management. Social Media Marketing is marketing that focuses on people, not products. The products can be presented by the company with as many qualitative features and promotional tools as possible, but what really matters is the comments and appreciations left by the customers. Social Media Marketing is scary for the marketers as they don’t have control over the content. It does take much time for negative word of mouth to spread in Social Media. An important aspect of Social Media Marketing is that the Marketer can monitor the content, listen or keep a track of what is being shared on the Social Media Sites in order to improve the offered message and adapt it more to the customers’ needs. Thanks to the Social Media analytics and metrics available, the impact of Social Media on a company’s marketing strategy can be measured and evalua... ... middle of paper ... ... brings about proper customer engagement. • Brand exposure and awareness: The main benefit acquired by businesses implementing social media strategies represents the increase in brand exposure. Brand exposure occurs when the customer becomes aware of a product, service or advertisement through at least one of their five senses, whether or not they paid attention to it. Thanks to the social media platforms, new brands can establish themselves and foster awareness. For existing brands, social media platforms also raise awareness. The brands’ visibility is increased thanks to their presence on the large variety of social media channels, but also thanks to the word of mouth that is automatically expanded around the brand. Companies can heavily use Social Media Marketing to build their brand’s reputation and enhance their popularity. This is also called online reputation
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