Social Media Analytics And Social Media Analytics

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This topic is fascinating as it arose as a result of a recent trend and has become unavoidable in all businesses today. Social analytics can be used in all types of businesses ranging from community businesses to major corporations (Ruhi, 2014). Social Media Analytics has become an invaluable tool in determining several features - the effectiveness of a marketing campaign, brand management, providing a means of evaluating the businesses performance against the performance of its competitors, gaining customer’s opinions and determining trends (Ruhi, 2014) . This essay will explain the use of social analytics and how it helps enterprises. It will begin by introducing social media and why it has become so powerful. This paper then moves on to social media being used in the workplace and a general overview of social media analysis. The paper will then discuss the difference between business intelligence and analytics and Social media analysis metrics. Analytic functions are later explained, followed by the advantages and disadvantages of social media analytics. The paper will then touch on the various Social Analytic platforms as well as how the insight is displayed. It will then end with facts, the cloud, social analytic business cases and restricting factors. The rise of Social Media…show more content…
Social media also allows individuals, companies, organizations, governments, and parliamentarians to interact with large numbers of people (Dewing, 2012). Internet access became more prevalent -the first appearance of social media was a site called (Dewing, 2012). It then faded by 2001 and a host of other sites were launched, such as Friendster, MySpace, Facebook and Twitter (Dewing, 2012). Social media has begun to challenge traditional marketing

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