Social Media: A Positive Addition to the Workplace

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Social media can be used as a positive resource for the workplace by better representing the company, using it as an aide for hiring, and expanding communication of employees.
Social media is inevitably everywhere in today’s world; the time most spend on social media has grown over 250 percent in just the past two years (Wong, n.d. para 1). Companies have recently used social media as a tool to epitomize their company. Jackie Huba, a professional speaker says, “Today people don’t trust companies. One of the things marketers want to do is to humanize their brand” (Houssem, 2013, para 1). By utilizing social media, the companies are constructing the advertising tactic of relating to the audience better. The popularity of social media is growing so rapidly, that companies have no choice but to join in.
80 percent of the top 100 fortune companies are using social media to better engage with their customers. Among them, Ford has an open minded mentality toward new marketing techniques. This viewpoint them one of the top companies worldwide. (Houssem, 2013, para 2). According to Scott Monty, who is the head of Ford’s social media platforms he says these have helped them amplify their message and gain trust through human to human interaction. Currently, Ford has numerous forthcoming projects. This includes the release of 3 electric cars next year. The company plans on relying heavily on social media to promote these new cars. (Houssem, 2013, para 2).
Ford is not the only company taking advantage of the benefits of social media; many other companies are making the most of it as well. HP has a really unique social media approach. They believe in integrity, innovation, education and the use of collaboration. Several years ago, HP hosted a ...

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...ssionally. Approximately, 51 percent want to know if the candidate is a good fit for the company culture, and another 45 percent want to learn more about his or her qualifications (Smith, 2013, para 5).
Social media for hiring purposes has helped companies out, but it can also be beneficial for job seekers. With companies broadening their usage of social media, it provides an opportunity for applicants to connect directly with recruiters and hiring managers on social media sites. Networking has always been a great way of finding jobs; Social media allows connecting with anyone, which makes it easier to find even more job opportunities. It can also be used to make relevant connections with potential future employers and collaboration prospects’.
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