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Social Media for traditional college students
Social media is an important topic in our society today. Almost everyone today is using some type of social media as a part of their every day life. There are many different groups involved in social media but, the group which interests me the most is traditional college students. Social media is very important to students today and they use it in their every day life regardless if it's personal or related to their education. There are many types of social media such as, communication, TV, newspaper, radio, and social networking websites like facebook, youtube, twitter, and many more. Each example defines different characteristics and are used to communicate differently with others.
There are many responsibilities when speaking of college, and to fulfill those responsibilities, a student needs to have a better understanding of what is and what is not important to them. When speaking of a freshman who doesn't realize of his/her responsibilities towards college and how hard they would actually have to work once the semester continues, probably will not know the importance of balancing education with socialization. The reason for social media does not necessarily have to be for socialization especially for a freshman. Some examples they would use social media for can be killing time, not being able to concentrate in school, being bored, and now having a lot of responsibility towards education. According to the guidelines of NYC department of education student social media guidelines, no student is to share anything related to their school or classmates on social media websites. The guidelines also mention the social media effects students can have at school by not being concentrated and...

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... I will have to confess that even though I have a full time job and I am currently attending online courses, I have to use social media to keep my mind off of the stress that comes in daily life. Social media is great to keep in touch with family and relatives as well as for general knowledge and things we should know about. However, it is also very important to have a balance over everything that is important and social media should not be given the full concentration or importance.

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