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Social media has changed the way society communicates drastically. Since the appearance of sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, people have become tech-addicts. People do not notice how much social media has changed their lives. A new form of the English language has come about, and cyber-bullying has become more prominent. People are more prone to misinterpret messages they receive on their devices and have become more introverted and open. Writing, speaking, all communication has changed drastically due to the manifestation of social media. Is this phenomenon good or bad news?
Language is an important part of life, but has 'textspeak' taken over? 'Textspeak' is the language most people use when texting, such as abbreviating certain words like ‘you’ or ‘before’. This tech lingo sometimes affects the way people talk or write, which can pose a problem. Oral language has become worse since social media has surfaced, resulting in people writing or speaking as they would while texting or using social media. These habits can bleed into schoolwork or professional documents, and the user will not even know it. If it comes naturally, the user will skim over it as if they are reading a text message or Instagram caption because they are so accustomed to seeing the words in that form. The abbreviated version of the English language may be convenient when a person is online, but will affect them more in the long run.
Cyber-bullying is a form of bullying in which electronics are used to taunt a person. This form of bullying can happen at any time, which makes it easier for the bully to access the victim. The embarrassing messages or pictures can be posted anonymously and distributed to a wide audience. Humiliation ...

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... man. Social media allows us to be whoever we want to be. In other words, the perfect image of ourselves. Private moments people wouldn’t even share face-to-face go on the social network, but why? We tend to be more open online, but the connections are still not as strong, not to mention the lack of privacy. A fake sense of trust can come about, which can lead to bigger problems.
Social media can be a wonderful tool to connect with friends, or it can be a weapon of destruction. The effects of social media cannot be undone, and to some this is a problem. Twitter, Facebook, they have all brought this about and have popular trends among society. With every good thing, there are downsides, and social media just so happens to have some particularly bad ones. Can communication ever get back to the way it was in the past, or will communication be forever changed?
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