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645 words

At present, humans strive for the future. The youth strive for instant gratification, which appears to be a tangible possibility in today’s modern world, while society is fast-paced with an unlimited reach, transcending even the heavens via satellite and lunar expeditions. Mankind is ever expanding and exploring. To spread to and cover vast territories is a vision of man felt in the heart of every person a need to actualize the breadth of humankind’s influence; already there are entities such as the Space Studies Institute and the National Space Society funding, researching, and advocating the colonization of space. As technology and social media continue to grow, so too will man’s ambitions. Social media connects the world, eliminating barriers both physical and interpersonal. Individuals may be dispersed about the vast land masses of Earth, but are yet connected due to the instant availability of social networking sites; “more than half of America’s teens and young adults use them and more than one-third of all Web users engage in these activities,” according to the Center for Journalism & Communication Research at the University of Texas in Austin, Texas, of the US. Ream Heakal of popular economics website “investopedia” explains, “marginal utility usually decreases with each additional increase in the consumption of a good. This decrease demonstrates the law of diminishing marginal utility. Because there is a certain threshold of satisfaction, the consumer will no longer receive the same pleasure from consumption once that threshold is crossed.” With instant messaging, texting, and cellular phones available at any given moment, connections between individuals appear more superficial and undervalued, as utility tends to decr... ... middle of paper ... ...around them, but also has allowed them to be more innovative about how they can get involved.” People are able to grow, learn, and act through these developments in social media, and spread that expansion to include the entire worldwide web. By showcasing one’s ideals and personality through social networking sites, for example, one gives oneself to the whole world, while retaining his- or her-self. The gift of self is the greatest possible gift to give; the world, however, must learn to lend itself truly to its people. Its people are responsible for doing the same in return, and must therefore learn how to properly and appropriately become united, yet unique, and to remain so. Social media changes the world by changing the people who call it home, and reminds them to continue striving for growth, for further connectivity. It removes the possibility of impossibility.

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that as technology and social media continue to grow, so too will man’s ambitions.
  • Explains that the lack of human interaction that results from having a more interconnected world is evident in the article "we never talk anymore: the problem with text messaging."
  • Opines that social media provides convenience to the world, expediting growth and development, connecting researchers to others who may aid in discovering cures, rationale, chemical agents, etc.
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