Social Justice In Sports

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Social justice in sports is key to having relationships in sport as well as in a career. To understand this, people need understand the definition of social justice. Social justice is defined by John Rawls as basic liberties that should be given to all people. When this is fully understood, people should examine the idea of giving benefits to the weakest people in the community (Robinson, 2015, p. 1). When one applies the definition of social justice to sports, it brings out the many flaws that the sports demonstrate. The significance of social justice in sports brings attention to issues of gender, race, age and ability, and social class, and how they should be rather than how they are currently seen. Women have been discriminated against …show more content…

Women do not want to lose their femininity or be perceived as a lesbian. This causes some of them to pose in sexualized ways. People believe that this helps with more media coverage which would lead to more interest in sports (Tucker Center for Research on Girls and Women in Sport, 2013). This was found to be untrue. In the video, it is stated that “Sex sells sex. Sex does not sell women’s sports” (Tucker Center). It is important to know that a woman wants to be recognized for playing sports, but also wants to be known as a woman. When people understand this, they will see more social justice coming to women so they do not have to pose in those objectifying …show more content…

There is a lack of funding as well as separate, but not equal competition for people who are older as well as people with disabilities. When people get older, there is a better chance that they will attain a disability because of the disabilities that come with age (Woods, 2011, p. 267). Research has shown that exercise can enhance a healthy lifestyle, and that can lead to a longer life. This is why there should be more sports opportunities for older people. As more and more of the population is growing older, many of the older people are starting to participate in physical activities (Coakley, 2015, p. 311). This demonstrates that if older athletes are still able to play sports and be active, they are able to be healthier. Also, with more participation in sport, they dispel the stereotype that older people are too “fragile” to play sports and exercise. Since this minority has been growing in numbers, there are more people who are accepting and wanting older people to participate in exercise in sports. After all, one day, the younger generation will be in the older generation’s place and want to be

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  • Explains that social justice in sports is key to having relationships in sport as well as in a career. it is defined by john rawls as basic liberties that should be given to all people.
  • Analyzes the unintended consequences of title ix including language and objectification of women. many schools use female modifiers such as "lady" to keep the same mascot while giving women their own team.
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