Social Justice In Assa An Autobiography By Assata Shakur

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Social Justice: An Analytical Essay Imagine being objectified not being seen like a human. How would you feel? Sad? Angry? Depressed? Devastated? In “Assata An Autobiography” by Assata Shakur that is what happened to her and other people whom were not white. Being arrested and shot by troopers with no evidence simply by assumptions is what happened to Assata Shakur. Since she and Zayd were black they were mistreated and taken into custody. During the 70’s social justice rarely existed, the whites had power over any other ethnic group. All thought the autobiography social justice is what Shakur empathizes and how she did not obtain it with many other blacks. That caused her to become part of The Black Panther Party. She wanted a change to happen for the better not only for her and her people but for other facing the same issue of inequality. Social justice being a touchy topic in Assata Shakur’s life has made more people…show more content…
In my eyes, social justice is an action of equality for everyone regardless of their color, ethnic ground, or gender. Since we all breath, we should have the same economical rights, political rights, social rights and the same amount of opportunities. Everyone should have economical rights because if one works hard for something they should be able to be rewarded with a good return. Everyone should also have political rights because it gives the nation as an entirety the right to a make decision rather than just to certain people. Social rights are also something everyone should have because it allows everyone to get an education, house, right to health, and other important things. Everyone having the same amount of opportunities is also what social justice should be because no one should be considered better than another person unless they really know the person. Therefore, knowing what social justice is can help us better understand what Shakur is trying to teach us about social
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