Social Issues In The Reflection Of The Deaf Community

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“Through Deaf Eyes” broached many topics and issues that the Deaf community has faced in the past. Language, medical, legal, educational, and social issues are just a few of the issues that the Deaf community has faced. The documentary showed the Deaf community like I have never seen before. There were moments that inspired me, surprised me, and helped me feel that I now have a greater understanding of the Deaf community. I also learned about prominent figures that impacted the Deaf community. I now have a greater foundation to base my learning off of as I continue to learn about American Sign Language (ASL), and the Deaf community 's culture. The Deaf community has faced many language issues in the past. In most countries, Hearing people viewed Deaf people…show more content…
Hearing people would often try to teach deaf people to speak, or try to separate the Deaf community. One of the biggest leaders of the view that the Deaf should be separated was Alexander Graham Bell. He kept deaf people apart from each other, and created alienation between deaf people. Furthermore, the Deaf community was often stereotyped on television, and once television had sound they were increasingly discriminated against. Even though much of the discrimination was between the hearing and the deaf community, segregation and discrimination was happening inside of the deaf community as well. A deaf black couple tried to attend a NAD meeting and was met with scorn and prejudice. After this happened the NAD banned black people from being a part of NAD for 40 years. Also, the deaf community would discriminate against deaf individuals, especially well know figures who chose to speak rather than

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