Social Issues In The Clockwork Orange

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Anthony Burgess integrates many social issues today between the Government and People into Clockwork Orange. Many of the issues that Alex faces along with the government are relatable in today’s society. Within the story Anthony Burgess teaches us how people act and how the government works in a more brutal way, The Clockwork Orange expresses this through free-will, maturity and karma, and treatment of people.
Free-will is a major part in the actions of this book. “The free will compels him to murder and rape, but also foster his esteem.” (LifeCharts). The opportunity to do as Alex wishes is what makes him to the crimes. It fuels him and in a way allows him to find himself. Alex is all about choices and he chooses to do the crime but also chooses to turn his life around. “Alex realizes that he benefits from living a normal life staying under the radar and it out-weighs the consequences of being a
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Before he didn’t understand the concept of free-will, but now that he does his morals are turning around. The government was trying to prevent this from happening because they govern their people by taking their free-will away from them causing them to do violent acts. When the people lose their free-will that’s how the government keeps the population down and everyone under their control. “A young thug who looks for violence rape and aggression ends himself in jail.” (Thill). The government uses this as a tactic to keep the cycle going. “In the Clockwork Orange, the anarchy quality of the society, indicates that pelagian liberals are in power.”(Novels). The Pelagian liberals control the people the whole time. Taking away their free-will the government brain washes the people. They brainwash the criminals to keep the population regulated and it instills the fear into the people, keeping the civilians always in fear not rebelling. The Liberals are always in control because they take away everyones
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