Social Issues In Social Work

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Introduction Social work is service rendered by a team of dedicated people who operate diligently to better the lives of people and relieve the fro suffering. In the modern world, which is filled with incredibly pressing and complex challenges as well as injustices, the role of a social worker cannot be underestimated. People who are fully dedicated to make a difference in the lives of other within the society are a basic necessity in the world today. Social workers commit themselves to bring about positive social changes by assisting people of different ages thrive in their environmental setting as well as provide advocacy to those who have already lost hope and voice in the course of getting their justice. This is evident that social workers play very prominent roles to improve the lives of people who requires them most. In a given population, social work help both children and adults in their disadvantaged and vulnerable situations. The paper will use case studies to illustrate how social worker fits in managing population and creating accountable care organization. Many factors must be considered when working in the social works field. The type of organization, the population being served, and the specific needs of each client must all be taken into account when providing services. Many times it is hard to deliver services if a social worker does not display the essential characteristics of an effective helper. If a social worker does not remain objective, while genuinely attempting to help a resident, they risk not being able to assist properly. Listening and communicating with victims is one of the most important things a social work professional can do in any setting. By practicing these characteristics, a social work pro... ... middle of paper ... ... the system is very important. Both victims and social workers take part in the macro, mezzo, and micro system in order to work together towards a positive outcome and working towards the same goal. References Barker, R. L. (2003). The social work dictionary. Burger, W. (2014). Characteristics of Effective Helpers. In W. Burger, Social worksin Contemporary America 9th Edition (p. 196). Cengage. Burger, W. R. (2014). Real Life Social worksWork. In W. R. Burger, Social worksin Contemporary America 9th Edition. Cangage Learning. Compton, B. R., & Galaway, B. (1999). Social work processes. Wadsworth Pub Co. Cunningham, M. (2003). Impact of trauma work on social work clinicians: Empirical findings. Social work, 48(4), 451-459. Grinnell Jr, R. M., & Unrau, Y. (2015). Social work research and evaluation: Quantitative and qualitative approaches. Cengage Learning.
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