Social Isolation Vs. Social Interaction: How Friendship Helped Charlie Move On

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To Be Infinite Social Isolation vs. Social Interactions: How Friendship Helped Charlie Move On Wall·flow·er /wôlˌflou(ə)r/: a person who has no one to dance with or who feels shy, awkward, or excluded at a party. Many could state that Charlie had been in a dark, depressing place before he had met Sam and Patrick but many could also argue that the depression and flashbacks started after he made friends with them and that it would’ve been better if he had stayed isolated so he wouldn’t have gone through break-ups, school fights and those moments. But because he turned out a lot better and seemed to be in a better place at the end, it is possible, that his friends had helped him go through the past and move on even after everything. “Dear…show more content…
Charlie had written it as that to make it seem like he was directing his entries to the reader. As the reader, one could experience what Charlie was feeling each day. Whenever Charlie had written, it was as if he was talking to a friend and telling him what had happened. As the story starts, Charlie writes that he had a friend, Michael Dobson in middle school who had committed suicide a year prior to Charlie writing the letters. He writes about how sad it was and how the suicide has haunted him and as you read, you would think Michael had been a symbol of how it would be if he died. Charlie has experienced some suicidal thoughts too quoting "I never wanted to. You have to believe me" (2.15.12), as if to say that he won't end up like Michael. And maybe he's trying hard to convince himself of that, too. A backstory contributed to these thoughts too, Throughout his letters, Charlie talks about his aunt…show more content…
Patrick was labeled a “nobody’ as a joke for smart-mouthing a teacher. Charlie had been the only one to call him by his real name after things got out of control when Patrick didn’t like the joke anymore but he appreciated it when he called him by his name. Later on charlie and Patrick meet at a football game and Sam comes into the picture and Charlie feels an instant attraction to her. He's not hesitant to wax poetic about the matter, either: "Sam has brown hair and very very pretty green eyes. The kind of green that doesn't make a big deal about itself" (1.7.11). And that’s when new feelings aroused and charlie had experienced something new. Sam and Patrick noticed how socially awkward charlie was and instantly put him into their friend group and had involved him in hangouts and parties they would attend. Patrick welcomes Charlie into his larger group of friends, which includes Mary Elizabeth and Bob. Patrick also helps Charlie feel more comfortable in high school and is always listening to him and giving him advice, whether regarding his family, the loss of his friend Michael, or the process of

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