Social Impact Of Drug Trafficking

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Drug Trafficking: Economic, Legal and Social Impact Drug trafficking is a serious issue that has existed for many years. Globalization has only helped to increase the illegal drug trafficking from one country to another. Globalization has also transformed the world economy by spreading ideas and technology across the borders which created new markets and expanded others (Jenner 901). The ease of transportation across the borders and the growth of global communication systems has help the expansion of the global illegal economy (Felbab-Brown 1). United States is the largest user of illegal drugs therefore it is important for our government to monitor and manage our borders in an attempt to stop drug trafficking into the United States. All…show more content…
In some cases paramilitaries have chosen to take a more low-profile such as threats and forced disappearances. In many countries the profits are large enough that they will use any means even using authorities to break the laws (Sanchez-Moreno 5). Criminal groups all over would start seeking other criminal sources if they can’t continue to trade illicit drugs (Sanchez-Moreno 6). The illicit drug market has suppliers, consumers and distributors of the goods just like other markets but with one difference, violence. Since illicit drugs are usually an underground black market there is no court or other legal process to resolve conflicts which leads to violence (Jenner 906). Mexico has the most headlines with regards to violence when it comes to drug markets (Jenner 907). Cartels will do anything to make money just like their Columbia predecessors. It was reported that in 2008 that 6,290 drug trafficking related murders happened in Mexico which is approximately forty-one percent more deaths than the casualties from the War in Iraq (Jenner 908). United States had over 31,000 deaths from drug related issues in 2007 which is about double the U.S. murder rate. This is why the United States is more concerned about the domestic problems than the international crisis of drug trafficking (Jenner 911). Organized crime can have negative effects on the public health. It can cause bribing of officials, slow economic prosperity and undermine the rule of the law (Reynolds, McKee 2). Organized crime is more likely to happen when the rule of the law is weak (Reynolds, McKee 11). United States is the largest consumer of illegal drugs worldwide even though it is only 5 percent of the world’s population. In 1996 the United States consumed 60 percent of the world’s drugs (Jenner 924). The majority of users in United states that buy illegal drugs are not just

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