Social Equality

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In the article "Justice at Work: Minimum Wage Laws and Social Equality” by Brishen Rogers states the following, “This ideal of “social equality” is most commonly associated with republican and communitarian theories of justice, but it is also central to major strands of egalitarian liberalism. Minimum wage laws advance social equality, and do so better than direct transfers, in several ways. They increase workers’ wages, which are a primary measure of the social value of work; they alter workplace power relationships by giving workers rights vis-à-vis employers; and they require employers and consumers to internalize costs of higher wages rather than mediating all distribution through the state.” Even though some people agree with this because…show more content…
So a higher minimum wage is widely seen as increasing the amount that low-income workers are paid, but with little, if any, attention given to the possibility that many of those workers will lose their jobs and even less attention given to reductions in on-the-job training and lower future productivity and earnings for those who keep their jobs.” This is a passage from the article “The Two Moralities of the Minimum Wage” by Dwight R. Lee. This article is important, by not only having it agree with me, but in the matter that this is the major consequences that can occur if the minimum wage is raised. Lee brings up a good point in saying that the ones who want it raised only think for themselves and don’t think about the effects on others and who it can hurt. Some people believe that raising it would help the low income families but it would hurt them because they would have to pay more for taxes and clothing, food,…show more content…
No one wants to be homeless and no one wants to go through hard times because it is an emotional roller coaster, and a huge life changing experience. Even if you have been an employee for a business for a long time, then the minimum wage goes higher, then you could still be fired from your stable job and what would you do then? If you are older, did you save enough for retirement? If not, what would you do if you can’t get a job? This is an occurring problem and because of this some families are unable to support for their families and are not able to buy gifts and celebrate certain occasions like Christmas and birthdays, but this person at first wanted higher minimum wage but did not think about the long term effects. Hardly anyone now a days actually thinks about the long term effects that their decisions have and especially when thinking about the future of the economy, you think people would think harder about making such a life altering decision. Going back to the retirement, some might say that their retirement funds would be higher due to them making more money, however, if things cost more like groceries and taxes, it doesn’t help your fund anymore. The laborer makes more but in return spends more for the items
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