Social Entrepreneurism

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Ruth McBride-Jordan, born a white jew from eastern Europe, who was brought over to the united states as a child. Ruth lived during some of the most controversial decades in American history, a time of great political and social change. Racism and prejudices against all kinds of races and religions was abundant in the United states throughout most of the 20th century and was deeply embedded in the ignorance of the people in our still very young nation, but despite society's prejudices and the social and religious expectations bestowed upon her, Ruth managed to follow her heart and live life to its fullest. Having been raised by a jewish rabbi(her father Tateh) and by her jewish mother, both of whom were jewish immigrants, Rachael Shilsky was born into a culture and a lifestyle that had severe limitations and was not generally accepted in most parts of the world during the early to mid 20th century. She attended school in Suffolk North Virginia and had virtually no friends and was almost an outcast. She was forbidden to associate with the gentiles and worked many hours in the fami...
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