Social Emotional Development in Preschool

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Rarely do people understand the importance of social emotional development in children. On numerous occasions, individuals tend to overlook the significance of the effects that social emotional developments might have on children. This is a very critical stage in a child’s life that should not be ignored or go unnoticed. I chose to critique the article “Promoting Children’s Social and Emotional Development through Preschool Education”. By Judi Boyd, W. Steven Barnett, Elena Bodrova, Deborah J. Leong, and Deanna Gomby because not only does it focus impressively on the importance of the social emotional development stage in children, but it also makes a connection to this development with a concentration on preschool. The objective of this article has been made clear as it expresses, in order for children to be prepared for school, children must also be enthused and curious about learning and self-assured that they can succeed. Children must be able to be aware of the feelings of others, regulate their own feelings and conducts, and gain a positive relationship with their peers and teachers.
This articles theory is a child knowing their alphabets is not enough and that sadly, many students’ preschool proficiencies do not completely support their social emotional development. Kindergarten teachers rate these motivational and social emotional skills as more essential to schools success than being able to hold a pencil or read. They would like for children to be ready for learning which incorporates being able to cooperate, follow directions, demonstrate self-control and “pay attention”. This theory is one several strengths that this article portrays. Not only does it depict the issue in social emotional development but it also provid...

... middle of paper ... their peers. In preschool, the relationships children develop with one another can have an enduring impact on academic achievement, because they can provide more positive feelings about school and enthusiasm to participate in classroom activities, which can lead to superior levels of achievement.
With this articles substantial focus on social emotional development in preschoolers, it goes into great detail about the definitions and importance of this development. It states that social and emotional development involves the acquisition of a set of skills. The key points involves the abilities to identify and understand one’s own feelings, accurately read and comprehend emotional conditions in others, control strong emotions and their expression in a positive manner, regulate one’s own behavior, develop empathy for others and establish and maintain relationships.
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