Social Effects On School Lunches

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Are the school lunches affecting the children’s health in a poor way? Studies have shown that the majority of schools are not serving the proper amount of food or even “good” food due to the cost. “Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach said that school lunches are, in fact, causing child obesity” (Schanzenbach). Schanzenbach also claims that the “Reduced-Lunches” also has a factor in obesity, due to student’s being able to purchase more unhealthy foods than usual. There are ways to boost up the school lunches to help benefit the students. There are a few ways that can be discussed as to how people around the United States can lower the obesity rate in schools. The schools all around the United States have been proven to be selling unhealthy foods.…show more content…
There are supposed to be lunch standards at the school which provide a cup serving of fresh fruits. “This Lunch Act can have a negative mental and physical effect on the children” (Schuna). If the children do not eat right at school or at home, then it can cause obesity or other health issues way down the line. Obese children are at greater risks of severe chronic health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. Children need to start seeing the importance of eating healthy foods whether they are at home, school, or even going on vacation. A child who becomes obese is less likely to participate in sports, therefore, is making himself prone to getting a disease. “Nearly 1 in 3 children is at risk for preventable diseases like type 2 diabetes” (Walker). These statistics show how great these children are at…show more content…
The majority of foods in the schools around the United States are junk food. The food a child consumes at a school is usually fattening and can lead to diseases mentioned before. Another problem with a child not eating properly is not receiving the vitamins and minerals he/ she desires. A change that was made to provide healthy lunches is to give the students one cup of fruits and a decent meal size. Schuna has done research as to why the lunches are a major health concern and she discusses ways to resolve and/ or prevent these health issues. Health issues involving the students include obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. This can happen to anyone who does not eat healthy or exercise. Students are more vulnerable to these issues due to the lack of nutrition the schools are providing. Schools are not the only thing that needs to change the lunch foods. Some schools in the United States provide the cup of fruits but students still choose to either not get it or to not eat it. Students mainly go for the simple foods such as chicken nuggets, french fries, etc. The students need to change their diet in order to become more
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