Social Effects Of School Bullying

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Bullying is an issue in our society today that is sometimes unaddressed. Bullying is not limited to only physical aggression, but verbal as well. It is a malicious act and action needs to be taken against it. School bullying is a common issue that can range from elementary schools to high schools. Some people view bullying as a small aspect that can be brushed aside, but even one incident of bullying is way too many. In order for a student to reach their potential in terms of learning and social aspects, they need to be surrounded by an environment that doesn’t promote that type of negativity. Bullying can be defined as the act of using aggressive behavior repeatedly in order to abuse someone socially weaker than you. It can leave
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Bullying is very relevant regarding school students in today’s society. The effects of bullying can be so bad that it can affect a child’s academic performance. The different ways it can affect a child are: emotionally, mentally, socially, and physically. Being a bully victim hurts a child’s dignity and integrity which hinders their learning ability and causes them to start slacking in school. Once the effects start messing with the victim’s mental process, it gets harder for them to concentrate. It leads to an overall traumatizing experience and without the proper help; some kids do not know how to handle the situation correctly. Kids who experience some type of bullying in school sometimes have their problems prolonged into their adulthood. Bullied victims have a greater chance of developing more health problems as an…show more content…
School administrators must change their approach to prevent bullying. They have to be rational in cases of bullying; often students are quiet in reporting bullying because they fear in the authorities. When students see that the adults in the school don’t take action to prevent or interfere with in bullying situations, they start to feel insecure. Bullying is taken way too lightly and if more effort was put into stopping it, there would be more efficient results. Creating different policies and rules sets guidelines and enforces that bullying is unacceptable by any means. If you educate the school staff and students, such as putting information in the curriculum it can help give skills to students to react appropriately to the situation. The main objective is to build a safe environment. It is proven that kids produce more efficient under a safe environment. The more comfortable they feel the better results they put
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