Social Development Of Che Guevara

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The purpose of my research is to analyze Che Guevara, and what motivated him to be a revolutionist. Che (Ernesto) Guevara was a doctor turned revolutionist, who fought for social equality. He was an immense part of the Cuban revolution, becoming a legend. The concepts I will be discussing are on how his upbringing influenced his social development. His parents raised him with left-wing political viewpoints causing him to support social equality, and oppose hierarchies. He was also severely disturbed by the poverty in the world, especially due to the fact he found the people with the least to be the kindest. He read several books written by revolutionists, and political leaders that were kept in his family library - educating himself on…show more content…
(n.d.). Che Guevara | Argentine-Cuban revolutionary. Retrieved October 28, 2015. from The source I am using is Britannica’s online encyclopedia. The source is reliable because it has over 4000 editors, and many of the authors are Nobel peace prize winners. I know I can trust this site because there are many people who read over the work before it was published, to make sure it’s accurate. The source is useful because it focuses a lot on Che’s social development. It discusses his upbringings and what he went through in life to become the man he is known as today. Not only was he raised by leftist parents, his journey through South America with his friend let him witness how the poor live. He spent most of his holidays going down to Latin America, where he witnessed poverty. This influenced his conclusion that the only solution to such problems was violent revolutions.
He met Cuban brothers Fidel, Raul Castro in Mexico, while they were getting ready to overthrow Batista a dictator in Cuba.
Che joined Castro’s army of 81 men to overthrow Batista, but were immediately wiped out by Batista’s
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Richards, M. (n.d.). Who Was Che Guevara? Retrieved October 28, 2015, from The website AboutEducation is a site focused on the history of the world, making it reliable as their main purpose is to write factual articles. The site is very useful because it thoroughly goes in to detail about all of Che’s life. Not only do they talk about his childhood, but also we get a sense of what sort of person he was as an adult. He did not feel complete as a person unless he was doing something to make a difference in the world. He even left his family, and his powerful positions in Cuba in order to go start more revolutions. Che took part in attacks, and executions. Not only was he a good soldier, but he was great leader as well, due to his fearless, and courageous personality.
He left his family, and positions in Cuba to start a new revolution.
Guevara was not satisfied or even successful at being a bureaucrat.
He attempted to lead a revolutionary force in the Congo, but the soldiers seemed ore interested in power for themselves causing him to
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