Social Customer Relationship Management Case Study

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In this research, the researchers have highlighted the topic ‘Developing a Social Customer Relationship Management (SCRM) Strategy within Organisations’ the two variables of the research are social media and customer relationship management (CRM). For stabilising the relationship between the consumers and the business, social media plays an essential role in providing the details of the organisation right to consumers. The aim of this research is to understand the challenges organisations face in current times to adapt with a new term known as social customer relationship (Ionescu 2014).
Unfortunately, certain organisations are still not aware with this term and do not understand the social media value of CRM. The paper will focus specifically
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However, many organisations that are in competition with Aldi try to give as much customer value as possible. In order for Aldi’s strategies to be successful they necessitate an innovative and developed strategy to progress in the future. The problems, which will be investigated, is to develop a Social Customer Relationship Management strategy for Aldi with the intention of solving these problems the following questions will be formulated:
==> What is the Social Customer Relationship Management process? The research gathered formulates what SCRM is and how the strategy works to play an effective role for businesses and their consumers. Also to give a brief understanding of the development of CRM in SCRM.
==> What is porters 5 forces and how they implement on SCRM process? Identifying the main problem through using Porters five-force model and sticking to buyer’s power to identify competitors as for Aldi the buyer’s power is quiet high. In order to give organisations recognition to the market and their main consumers, organisations need to get involved with SCRM, to provide the ultimate value for customers

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