Social Cruelty: The Negative Effects Of Bullying

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According to Olweus, bullying is “is when [one] is exposed, repeatedly overtime, to negative actions” (Olweus, 1173). The negative effects of bullying on children have been noted to significantly alter an individual’s life because of the humiliation and pain endured. It is important to understand that bullying does not build resiliency in children rather, it hinders one’s confidence, morals, and self-esteem. The significance in understanding bullying can universally change the way it is viewed and possibly aid in eradicating it entirely. Though bullying has become an inevitable truth in today’s society, it is crucial for people to recognize the long-term effects it can have on a child. Furthermore, the importance of raising awareness on the…show more content…
Individuals who are bullied are more inclined to have “[impaired] social relationships” (Sigurdson et al. 2), indicating that children must accumulate the necessary tools required for maintaining positive relations at an early stage in life. The foundation of relationships is built upon trust, honesty and a sense of safety; all that may diminish with childhood bullying. The article highlights that bullying deters one from continuing on a healthy path in forming successful relations with oneself, peers and society at large. At times, social withdrawal is the cause of bullying endured by individuals in schools. Often, when children become detached from their peers they are more “vulnerable to suicidal or destructive thoughts” (Shireen et al. 208). This signifies that children are more susceptible to suicide and negative feelings when one has been bullied. Children resorting to suicide out of helplessness is partly due to believing that the cycle of bullying will end. Moreover, when children distance themselves from their peers or families, they are more likely to have thoughts of ending their life. Individuals need positive relations in their lives, in order to receive the help they need to maintain a positive lifestyle. Hence, children who become isolated from the society due to bullying are more vulnerable socially in regards of forming lasting
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