Social Construction Of Reality Is Defined By Social Interaction

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Social construction of reality is defined as social interaction shaped by the people. Human interaction, understanding, and meaning are not shaped by or within the individual, but in coordination with other human beings. When we are making friends or enemies, we are building new relationships. This is social construction. When a company goes bankrupt, some employees become unemployed and lose hope finding a new job. This is social construction. Social constructionism means reality is always changing, and it is based on how a society perceives what is real or normal. When an earthquake happens, for example, Californians think is a product of tectonic plates moving. However, native tribes view this as a message from a god as a punishment to humans. This is social construction of reality. When a 23-year-old buys alcohol in a liquor store, he/she is considered an adult. However, a 19-year old tries to buy liquor and he/she is considered a minor. They fall into social categories called adult and minor. This is social constructionism of reality. In sociology, agency is defined as self-determination, or free will. Individuals have the power of choice to do what they want. It is an individual’s capacity to pursue a goal. Social agency is agency of people, countries, cultures, ideologies, etc. Members of a group have the same goal and actions in social agency. Corporations have the same goal, and that is to create profits. They sell whatever product or service they are selling to people and provide jobs to people. This is social agency. Another example, LGBT communities hope for marriage equality. They recently reached their goal by challenging the court. This is social agency. Government pursues to enforce law and order in a country. Offi... ... middle of paper ... ...tate of betterment will not only benefit Euro-Americans, but also everyone. All in all, the ideas, values, and beliefs ingrained in Euro-Americans’ minds evolve at a very young age formed by their families. Social construction is developed. In Euro-American culture and other cultures, social construction of reality has everyday meanings and it is applied to our existence socially, economically, and politically. Social constructionism has a relationship with social agency. Social agency is the society’s ability to make choices freely. Social agency is the reason why social constructionism exists, and vice versa. The relationship between them is interaction. Social constructionism is slowly and progressively changing. It helps us interpret the meaning of the society we live in. Therefore, the meaning we discover influences the understanding and expectations of society.
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