Social Connection Model Of Responsibility Essay

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The social connection model of responsibility is a “forward looking” model used to address structural injustice (Young 96). The social connection model of responsibility (SCMR) suggests “all those who contribute by their actions to structural processes with some unjust outcomes share responsibility for the injustice” (96). Young aims to move away from “backward-looking” ideas of ‘liability responsibility’ (LR) models that aim to place blame, guilt, or assign punishment – such as direct payment reparations (98,100). She argues, the LR model is of little use when addressing structural and historical inequality because (a) we cannot directly claim harms by particular individuals or assume one group is collectively responsible for the current condition of another and (b) the rhetoric can be divisive and limit the political conversation (100, 114-16). Instead of direct reparations from an individual or government, Young presents the SCMR as a way to collectively take responsibility to correct the injustices imbedded in our structures and institutions by engaging in collective political action.

Relying on the government to act does nothing to mend the “social-ills” of an unjust society, this must be done through collective action. Otherwise, the “U.S. government risks being seen as a specific agent distinct from the society it governs” (177). Additionally, a forward-looking SCMR does not seek to ignore
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However, if a more equitable funding system is to be used, this may require individuals in wealthier districts to recognize that they benefit from unjust funding, and actively renounce that privilege. Additionally, Brown v. The Board of Education ruled that separate is inherently unequal, but not that schools ought to be equal. This can only change through collective social action denouncing such injustices and relinquishing
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