Social Communication And Social Impacts Of Social Networks

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Social Impacts of Social Networks The earth has turned into a global village bringing the societies much closer to each other, and having a strong impact on the lives of individuals. Individuals all over the world are linked together through different sources. These sources are known as the social networks as they are connecting different individuals of different societies all around the globe. It is a common thing that whenever two or more individuals interact with each other, they made some impact on each other. Likewise, when they use different sources (networks) for interaction, these networks also make impacts on the social lives of individuals. Communication, collaboration and the ethics are the main aspects of communal lives which are…show more content…
Variation in a person’s behavior towards social media affects, in one way or another, related to all the aforementioned variables. These effects come in shocks but these shocks have proven worthy of attention due to their impact. The implications of paper for self-esteem are important as they provide new, emerging and dominating dimension of social media impact on self-esteem. The social media has the power to change behavior in as short interaction as five minutes. Thus social media must be closely watched for changes and awareness about its harms on person’s attitude and behavior. Agreement And Disagreement The authors have agreed upon the point that social networks do have a social impact. Both are of the viewpoint that good and bad are always associated together. It is always upon the users to decide what they will do while interacting on an intercommunion level. Both authors are on the same page while discussing the communication, collaboration and ethical points. There is little dissimilarity between the discussions of the authors. Rook is more concerned about the health and care issues related to the social networking, whereas, Bowles is more concerned with the way of communication, collaboration and at the end using that for the ethical improvement of the