Social Cognitive Theory: Bandura's Social Learning Theory

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Bandura 's Social Learning Theory Bandura 's Social learning theory is very strong theory and its well supported by research. The social learning theory has been around for decades and has been utilized by thousand of professionals to understand and explain human behavior in all types of environments to include school, home and, workplace settings. The theory itself posits that learning is a cognitive process and happens through observation and instructions. Hundreds of researchers have examined this theory and haven’t been able to successfully discredit it. Although it hasn’t been proven to be accurate, researcher still has to continue to examine it to ensure that it still accurate with the modern world. Development and learning is a necessity to understand because it’s essential to live a quality life.…show more content…
Some theories that are similar to this are the social cognitive theory, self-perception theory, social comparison theory and self-verification theory. All of these theories involve looking at something to process thoughts unlike the social leaning theory which is used to explain human behavior which includes their actions. The social learning theory is very useful because it help explain some of the societal problems in the world and provide some solution to it. For example, if we look at why some teenagers act they way they act, we could look at the social learning theory to explain their actions. Which is one reason why most people utilize their child hood to defend their adult actions in court. The lawyer hopes that the judge understand the criminals traumatic childhood. In a study conducted it was found that the social learning theory proposes parent–child relationship mechanisms that lead to good peer relations, with the child being rewarded for prosocial overtures and disciplined for antisocial acts (Matias, O 'Connor, Futh, & Scott
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