Social Classes In Ancient Egypt

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Throughout Egypt, we can see that Ancient Egypt was an advanced civilization.

Ancient Egypt was run by a government, just like any city today. Each person had to pay taxes to support the government. Court cases were ruled by a local council of elders called a kenbet. The most important Person in the government was the Pharaoh. Pharaoh not only ruled the people and the country, but he also ruled the religion. There were 42 district governors that carried out the Pharaoh's orders. The second most important person was the Pharaoh’s wife. under them was the Vizier, his job was to be the chief overseer of the land which is kind of what a prime minister is. The Vizier also had three more jobs. His other jobs were to act by the law, judge fairly,
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Their civilization basically ran off of social classes. Each social class had its own boundaries. Social classes were kind of like a pyramid. At the top would be the Pharaoh and the other g-ds.If the Pharaoh came down from power and the g-ds were destroyed then the civilization would fall apart. If the top of the pyramid fell down, then the pyramid would be ruined. Below the Pharaoh and the g-ds were the Vizers. They would be like under the tip of the pyramid so they would get luxury, but just a little less luxury than the Pharaoh. But their house would be grander than the lower classes, but less grand than the Pharaoh’s palace. Under the Pharaoh, g-ds, and Vizers would be the High Priests and Scribes, as I said before religion is a very big part of Egypt and it is a way of communicating to the g-ds. If your job had anything to do with religion, you would have a very high social class. Finally the last of the high classes that are like in the middle of the pyramid are the officials and scribes, whose jobs also have something to do with religion and government, therefore, they have a high social class. After all the high classes comes the lower classes which have very little to no luxury and little tiny houses/ cottages. The first of the lower classes are the craftsmen. Their role in the society is to make crafts for people such as ( beds, cabinets, clothes, houses, and many more…show more content…
The Egyptians form of writing was called Hieroglyphics. When they were written down they look a little bit like symbols or pictures. Just like we do today the ancient Egyptians had an alphabet. Their alphabet had 24 letters in it just like the English alphabet. Scholars learned how to read the ancient language from a stone with the writing on it. It is called the Rosetta stone. It has three kinds of writing on it, hieroglyphics, demotic and classical Greek. Both Hieroglyphics, and demotic were Egyptian writings. Hieroglyphics were Used for important religious documents or something that is just important. Demotic was the language most people used at that time. The ancient Egyptians wrote on papyrus a kind of paper. Egyptians “pens” were thin with sharp reeds.

They would dip them in ink to write. Their ink came from plants. To make it they crushed the plant and mixed it with water.

There were many cities in ancient Egypt, mostly all on the Nile due to fertile soil, good for farmland. Another reason cities were built close to the Nile is because they want to take advantage of the goods delivered by boat. Most cities in Egypt had a wall around it. there were two major entrances in a city. Many houses were made of either mud or brick. Many Egyptian cities were not very big. wherever the Egyptians lived, they were never far from the Nile. There were many capitals of Egypt,
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