Social Class In The United States

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In every country there are several classes of society. The classes of society are divide into four groups. The groups are the lower class, working class, middle class, and upper class. The social classes are like a totem pole starting with the low or poor class on the bottom then the working class then the middle class, and then the upper or owner class on top. The two biggest classes we have here in united states is the working and middle class. In 1998 the lower class is consisted of 5%. The working class is made up of 45%. The middle class is made up of 46%. While the smallest class is the upper class which is 4%. For the people in any of those classes can move up or down depend on how they plan and working hard to move up the totem pole. The…show more content…
The signs that people are in this class is that they live in sub-standard housing or being homeless. Another sign is that they have been on public benefits like welfare, public housing, or even using charity to help meet the basic living needs. Also they don’t have or insufficient health care, food and many other requirements to survive. Another point is that the low income or poor class people will have to go through involuntary moves and frequent chaos and disruption of life. If the people making $20,000 or less they are in the lower class. The working class society have many indicators that majority of the people are part of. The signs that the people are in the working class is that they have little or no college education to be exact no BA from a four-year college. Also the people have low or negative net worth of assets. Another is the working class live in not so luxurious house or they live in rentals for a long time. The job field that the working class involve is usually physical and hard labor jobs. At the jobs they usually don’t have any control at work usually work for somebody

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