Social Class In The American Culture

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Class in the American Culture is based on economic and social differences, and it remains a powerful force in American life and has come to play a greater role in today’s society. American culture classified social classes as three different levels, the higher class which is classified as the wealthier and have the most money and a certain lifestyles and clothes. The middle class more like the businesses, people who have a reasonable income. And the last class is the low class which are the working class people. Those in the upper middle classes enjoy better health and live longer than those in the middle classes, who live longer and better than those at the bottom. That 's because money, good jobs and connections help the better-off get the best medical care. People in the upper class also maintain a certain lifestyle and sometimes different clothing lifestyle than the ones in the lower classes.…show more content…
Being in the upper class does not qualified them as people who are most educated. They often have an attitude of being better than others and this carries over into their family relationships. Being in the higher class in America have nothing to do about your education. A percentage of the higher class might be educated because they have enough money to afford college and help their kids reach a better education but in my opinion most kids who grow up wealthy do not really take the time to get an education because they do not see the point of going to school and reach an higher education since they do not really looking for any pay job because they already the amount of money that they need. While the other half might seem the necessity of going to college not for the higher pay but more because they want to better educate

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