Social Class Essay

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According to the textbook, social class is defined as “a large group of people who rank closely to one another in property, power and prestige”. In the United States people really don’t know the division of the social classes, they just classified themselves as rich, poor or the ones that aren’t rich or poor but they are doing well in life. In this chapter, it shows us the different social classes there is and which one succeed in life. Social mobility plays a big role in our everyday life .It also gives us a lot of information on all the social classes. A list of the social classes is listed in order in our textbooks, which are: capitalist, upper middle, lower middle, working, working poor and underclass. Everyone is seen differently because…show more content…
Capitalist is the highest of all the other classes, the people in this class are the rich ones and there is not a lot of people in this social class. The textbook states “the longer that wealth has been in a family, the more it adds to the family’s prestige”. The upper middle class is the second highest and most people in this class have a good education and a good job. The lower middle class had some education and have okay jobs, but not as good as the upper middle class. The working class has some education as well, and jobs but their job aren’t really secure they could be laid off anytime. The working poor is second to lowest social class because the lowest social class is the underclass. The working poor really didn’t have an education because most of the people drop out of school just because they didn’t want to go anymore, and others drop out because they have to help their parents at home. They work full time like in fields or other places that don’t pay much. The underclass is the lowest class because people in this class don’t have jobs and when they do it’s just a temporary job. People in the class struggle the most and it’s really hard to find work and be able to care for a family without no job and money. These six social classes give people an idea how people live depending on the class they are placed
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