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Years ago, during the time of World War II and the industrial boom, people were able to move up the mobility ladder at great rates. Many people were able to start new businesses or get new jobs, better than the ones of their parents; in the US today, people are unable to do better than their parents because education is one of the key factors in determining where one will end up. But education costs money and a lot of it; because low income families cannot afford to send their kids to school, the child is left with a poor paying job, which would put them in the same class rank as their parent. An unknown problem about this issue is that the people in the lower income levels of society don’t believe this to be true. They believe that they are or will move up just like the wealthy, but the truth is 48 percent is found to have not changed or have dropped from their parents’ class. Some of the wealthy believe that there are far more people moving up the social ladder because of new inventions and ideas that have evolved recently in the world. If one were to look at the Forbes compared to the everyone whom isn’t in the top one percent of the nation, they would see that, yes, people are moving up the social ladder in the one percent; but people opposite from the one percent has hardly any social mobility if not none or a slight decrease. The problems leading up to this happening is the fact that the time from the mid-1980’s to now is that there is a change in the importance of education, a change in its’ levels, and its’ cost; also the immigrant levels have greatly increased, but due to illegal immigration, there is an inability to be mobile; another cause being debt of the public, there is now credit card and loan debts when there wasn... ... middle of paper ... ... slowly slipping away and into poverty. As this immobility continues to happen, America will eventually become a two class society with the poor and the rich. America’s people are living poorly and it looks like things won’t change, and if nothing does change the middle class will eventually be completely gone. With the middle class gone, the poverty level will increase needing more financial aid programs, there will not be enough government funding to provide for this and eventually could lead into major problems. This issue is an important issue because as nothing changes, the society begins to crumble, and will become unfixable. As we let it continue the worse things will become and the harder it will be to recover society and the government. People keep taking loans and credit cards out in order to pay for services which put them in a higher social class level.

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