Social Class And Social Lifestyles In The World

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Throughout the world, there are many different people in different social classes. It has a large effect on the lifestyles in the world. My Parents were in the lower-middle “working” class. They were 33 and 23 at the time they got married. My father was working in his own job taking pictures for schools and families. My mother was a student and working in the field. My father helped my mother with education. A soon as she got pregnant, she was forced to leave her job and school. In the meantime, my dad was the only one working. It was so hard for them with only one income and with a baby on his way. then my mother decided to have a career and start working. My parents never stop keeping their hard work until they got into the average middle…show more content…
It determines success in one 's life, but to interpret, many people a further education usually has a higher income as well. Education is very expensive, so many people can not afford it. Like my parents who left school because they needed to start working to maintain their family because they had to bring an income to maintain the house and kids. I know it is hard for many persons to continue with education, but I decided to continue with my education. I always had the aspiration to earn a degree which can help me to have a better life of style and give to my daughters the opportunity to have a better lifestyle and education. Sometimes education can be affected by the social class because for someone in the higher social class is able to get a better education that someone in the lower social classes. Private schools and universities/colleges are examples of schools which need higher classes that have more money, this is because they do require high and monthly payments. For people not in the high class, public schools are for them. For some in the really low class they don’t even get the opportunity because they need money more than they need education in their

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