Social And Social Empowerment

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The purpose of the “butterfly” is our participants to attain a specific performance both in cooperation and independently of others. The process leads to empowerment if it provides actors with access to resources, allows them to articlulate their interests, demand their rights and to participate in social and political processes. Empowerment is aimed at a transformation in the balance of power in favour of the disadvantaged actors and thus at the elimination of the causes of poverty.
Dimensions of Empowerment
According to the Report of the Working Group on Empowerment of Women, three factors determine the extent of empowerment of women in the national hierarchy. They are the economic, social and political identity of a women and their weightage.
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Although the number of women in elected local bodies in India has risen up, the extent and quality of their participation in Panchayati Raj institutions are a matter of grave concern. Various studies have revealed that there are several bottlenecks for the effective participation of the women leaders in the government due to several institutional and social barriers.
Efforts are being made to do with this barriers so that women can participate as equal partners in men in all political issues and facilitate their empowerment.
d) Health Empowerment: Health empowerment is also highly essential for women because it enables them to be healthy and allows them to participate actively in the society and markets for collective action and to advance their own interests.
Focused attention is to be paid to meet the nutritional needs of women because of the high risk of malnutrition and disease that men face at all the three critical stages namely, in fancy and childhood, adolescence and reproductive face. This is also important in view of the critical link between the health of adolescent girls, pregnant and lactating women with the health of infant and young
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Its main aim is to examine whether the women and men are able to participate actively in the economic and political life on the basis of equality and take equal part in decision-making. The Human Development Report states that while the gender related development index focuses on the expansion of capabilities, the gender related empowerment index is concerned with the use of those abilities to take advantage of the opportunities of
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