Social And Medical Models On Disability

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INTRODUCTION This report will look at how communities label people with disabilities. It will also focus on how such practices will affect the daily lives of people with mental and learning disabilities. The author will explain in detail the definitions of labeling and disability, and then examine the current legislations set by the government to improve life styles of the disabled people. Comparison will be done on the impact of social and medical models on disability, and on how these models try to explore techniques of inclusion and exclusion . Labeling theories will be discussed and this piece will sum up the debate with a brief summative conclusion. LABELLING THEORY Mencap (2009) defined labeling as putting someone in a stereotypical category. Usually when people are labeled it gives a negative idea from those who are able thus resulting in prejudice and discrimination. For instance a label such as 'disable ' tends to dehumanize people. Disabled people 's self worth experiences and opportunities will be affected negatively. They end up feeling depressed, frustrated and angry. Swain et al (2007) therefore argues for pursuits of inclusion and adoption as alternative perspectives based on human rights On the other hand some theorists argue that labels give people identity. For example in case of a career such as a ‘social worker’ it can be taken positively (Giddens (2006). When people are labeled their behavior change in order to suit the label they are tied to. According to Becker 's labeling theory labeling affects not only how others perceive an individual but also on the individual 's sense of self (cited in Giddens, (2006 p800). Labeling of people with disability will associate them wit... ... middle of paper ... ...not have problems with adjusting but society does not give them the chance to adjust. Beresford and Oldham (2002) argue that applying a social model to housing is not just about physical access but it is also about issues such as play space, safety, location and housing quality. The social model therefore embraces both the physical and the emotional needs of the disabled and their families. CONCLUSION In conclusion this report has given explanation of the terms labeling and disability. It has also looked at the legislations passed to protect those with disabilities from harassment by the able bodied. Models of disability have been discussed and relevant examples given. The essay has also looked at several ways of improving the lives of the disabled in order to include them into all social structures and to allow them to live a normal life as any other persons.
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