Social And Emotional Development Essay

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According to our class textbook, social and emotional developments are considered to be two different types of development but go together when looking closely at the development of a child. Throughout this paper it will be examined how social and emotional development is critical to a child’s development and the reasoning behind why research has proven this to be true across several different countries around the world. (Arbegast, H. W. (2010). Primarily focusing on emotional regulation, availability, support, and social learning theory. The importance of interacting with your children at a young age is beneficial for children who are developing, as this will impact their outlook on future relationships. According to Wiley, emotional availability…show more content…
(n.d.) Providing this learning theory in a child’s development will provide a foundation of relationship skills that will enhance how a child interacts with those who they are around. When a child has the skill of social competence, they will understand when it is necessary to interact with others. It has been researched by Hardwoods how social development can determine the effects of how children preform in school as far as academic success, and school readiness. Hardwoods stated in his research findings that, “Children’s early social emotional development is important to their lifelong learning, academic success, and school readiness.” (Harewood, T. N. (2016). For example, a child who is experiencing the different types of social interaction through their early years of development is more likely to be more successful in school activities than children who aren’t experiencing any type of social interaction. When looking at the social development theory and how this can relate to the development of the child it is important to take into consideration how this can determine how a child reflects in school as they are interacting with other
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