Social And Emotional Development Analysis

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For the purpose of this assignment I will critically discuss the individual aspects that relate to social and emotional development. The building blocks for this are attachment; the identification and management of emotions and the ability to explore and engage with the environment. I will reflect upon my educational experience, the importance of the school environment and the effect of the curriculum on motivation and behaviour. Finally I will consider the impact on social and emotional development within the family, peers, media, culture, community, educational setting and socio-economic climate and how they can support positive behaviour and motivation.

Social and emotional development is the ability to form and sustain positive relationships. Thornton (2008) argues that this begins at birth and continues throughout the whole of life. The greatest influence on a child's social and emotional development is the quality of the relationship between a child and its mother or primary career. Bowlby (1980) argues that a good attachment with a primary care giver can enable children to approach the world with confidence and when faced with difficult situations are able to tackle them effectively or seek help in finding the answers. Bowlby (1980) also argues that a child with poor attachment may see the world as comfortless and unpredictable. This child may react by shrinking away from the world or doing battle with it. Although attachment is thought to be primarily with the child's care giver Thornton (2008) argues that a child can develop its attachment to include extended family and peers. It is important for a child to develop these attachments with others as it allows a child to develop a “diversity of emotional and personal dev...

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...uggests that they are all interlinked. I also recognise that behaviour is the communication of a child or young person’s needs and their ability to communicate their needs is essential. Having reflected upon educational settings it is clear that a child or young person needs to have a positive school experience to help build resilience; self-esteem and self-worth. I have explored the social and emotional aspects of learning resources and I would like to use these principles to support children with poor social and emotional development. This assignment has helped me to identify different behaviours and appreciate that they require individual interventions and support. Recommendations for my future practice is to develop the ability to provide safe and stimulating activities that inspire children to be motivated, engaged, explore and take risks in their learning.