Social And Cultural Factors That Make Up The Arts And Sciences

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“The various disciplines that make up the arts and sciences are the cultural frames in terms of which attitudes are formed and lives conducted. The interpretive study of culture represents an attempt to come to terms with the diversity of the ways human beings construct their lives in the act of leading them.” -Clifford Geertz, Local Knowledge. Culture plays an intricate part in how people develop their attitudes towards society, and the ways in which they decide to live their lives. Clifford Geertz wrote, “Man is an animal suspended in webs of significance he himself has spun.” (1983). In consideration of this quote many people have spun webs of addiction to alcohol and drugs which can be related to their perception of culture. I believe that social and cultural factors are greatly responsible for the initiation of a destructive behavior. Human beings construct their lives from their environment, in addition to mimicking the culturally responsive behavior of their friends and family. As a result of my work within the Masters of Liberal Studies program, I endeavor to gain a better understanding how people can form these cultural frames that can then lead them to harmful decisions regarding alcohol and drug addiction. Through my graduate courses I would like to obtain a better understanding about the development of adult life in multiple social, historical, and cultural contexts. I wish to examine and critique a variety of philosophies regarding adult development, learning, and identity in society that forms before and during adulthood. To understand the socio-cultural perspectives on adulthood I anticipate taking courses to develop my awareness for new approaches that are not typically found within the mainstream, narrow... ... middle of paper ... ...sinterpret society’s stance on addiction. It is no wonder that our society has behavioral problems with young adults when the culture that we live in sends mixed messages about its stance on addiction (Zastrow, 2010). To study this effect on our culture we need to look at all approaches to the problem. The topic of alcohol and drug addiction in our society needs to be addressed on a daily basis. Addiction and recovery counselors are on the front lines of this issue and need to have a wider viewpoint of cultural causes. I seek a Masters in Liberal Studies to give myself an open perspective concerning all approaches. Cultural influence should be of concern to properly address the steadily increasing problem in our society. By knowing what strongly influences the culture of alcohol and drug addiction we can influence the recovery and improvement of people’s lives.

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