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1562 words

What Is The Effect Of Using Soccer Words To Describe Actions, Places, and Events? We live in a global world dedicated to majority of American sports. Basketball, baseball, football, and hockey are mostly American sports. On the other hand, soccer is played worldwide and is considered a global sport. If Americans learn to speak the soccer language, they are learning to speak a universal language. Soccer is a starting place to stray away from the normal English, local language. The soccer language is the start to building a bridge with different nationalities, countries, and cultures. America needs to break the ice with other cultures and stop believing the American Culture is “superior” to others. Learning the soccer language will make Americans …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the 90-minute soccer game has 73 different words to describe the way to score — the goal can be banged, blasted, curled, poked, chipped, glanced and dinked into the net.
  • Compares the ratings for the women's world cup and the nba final. the popularity of soccer in america is increasing among children and teenagers.
  • Analyzes how andres martinez had an advantage over the other americans because of her background knowledge on soccer and the world cup.
  • Analyzes the meanings of cover, sweeper, check, dummy run, hospital ball, and nutmeg in the american language.
  • Explains how their father's knowledge of the soccer language has enriched his understanding of other countries that play soccer.
  • Explains that the world cup introduced americans to the love and importance of soccer to different nationalities across the world.
  • Opines that if americans learn the soccer language, they are learning to speak a universal language.
  • Explains how their dad's interview gave insight to a man who has played soccer for twenty years and coached for ten years.

Cover means to support a teammate by marking an attacker, Sweeper is the last defender on the field who doesn’t mark anyone, a check is asking for the ball by communicating and getting open. Cover, sweeper, and check are all used in America on a daily basis, but have a different meaning in the soccer language. In “Where Words Come From” by Bill Bryson, he stated: “Words are adopted. English is known for accepting foreign words as if they were English to start with.” (p807) Cover was adopted from Middle English, Old French, and Latin in c1200. Sweeper was adopted by Middle English, and Old English in c1250. Check was originated by Middle English and Arabic around c1275 by yelling check at chess. By adopting the words English has the most diverse meanings of language, one word can have five different definitions. America has a willingness to take in words from surrounding languages, and the meaning often changes as it travels from one country to another. As Bryson stated “We have borrowed far more words from the European languages, and probably as many from several smaller, and obscure languages” (814-815). As cover, sweeper, and check are used in the soccer language, supported by Bryson’s claim, these three words have multiple meanings to soccer players around the

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