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569 words

Soccer Today soccer is classified as one of the most popular sports in the world, from Europe to South America. A synonym for soccer is “Football.” Soccer is played in approximately every nation of the world. The sport has a lot of international fans, with spectacular stadiums worldwide (Auerbach). Soccer is a sport that brings countries together from all around the world to play. Furthermore, Soccer is similar to American football. They both play in a rectangular shape field of natural grass or artificial turf, marked with white lines. They both have two goals on each end. In American football, they kick the ball as well. They kick it at the start of each half and after making a touchdown. Like similarities, they also have differences. The American football goals are different from the soccer goals. The American football goals are Y-shaped and they do not have a net. The soccer goals are rectangular-shaped with a net and with a goalie that defends the goal. Another difference is the ball. In American football, the ball is shaped like an oval and in soccer the ball is shaped like a sphere. …show more content…

Evidence of a form of soccer can be traced back to the third and second centuries BCE to a military exercise called Tsu’ Chu from the Han dynasty in China. The exercise consists of passing a leather ball through a small, one-foot-wide opening using only the feet, chest, back, or shoulders while other players tried to block the target. Other versions of this exercise have appeared through history. Although, they were slightly different, but the main idea was consistent: running through the other team defends while trying to make the target. As a result of this exercise, soccer was invented

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that soccer is played in approximately every nation of the world and has a lot of international fans, with spectacular stadiums worldwide.
  • Explains that soccer originated from a military exercise called tsu' chu from the han dynasty in china.
  • Explains that the football association of england was founded in the mid-1800s, and the sport was spread all over the world until the establishment of the fédération internationale de football (fifa) in 1904.
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